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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Journalism Class

This year I have been put in a journalism class. Most of my friends thought that I was put in there because I needed more time to work on my writing. Though I do the basis of the classes writing each time I blogged that was sadly what I thought last week too. This week I was assigned to do a presentation over a historical journalist. I was assigned David Burnett, in thee first day of  research I was able to find out that he was a photo-journalist and that he took pictures during the Iranian revolution and that was all just from reading the mini-biography of him on google. So to day I found his website and it was a photo gallery showing off all his works, but at the bottom I found a contact me button and since I was not able to find any other reliable information on David Burnett I decided to email him. I wrote an email to him telling him about my project and about some of the questions I was wondering about him, and he responded he did not only answer my questions he also gave me enough information to make two projects and had some questions for me about journalism and possible pointers for my future. That was my "light bulb" moment and saw that I could be a journalist even though I didn't do well in any of the STAAR practice test. I saw that the state test mean nothing in the future. Your future career is not about what your good at but what you love to do, and I love to report and write so that is  my new dream job to become a journalist.