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Monday, February 6, 2017

It's been a while...

The last time I had posted was last June when I was accepted in to the ACU honors summer program. Now lies a head more complicated matters I have so far pushed through the first twenty two weeks of my sophomore year and winds are changing. This semester I have been tasked with many projects and items that I would like to inform you about. This semester I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador to the Northwest Independent School District, which requires me to raise my voice on the behalf of students for change in the District. Also on my plate is the new iAdvocate project "Tech Time with Steele" in which we are creating mini tutorials to help aid the NISD and the communities with inside. Everyday my life gets more pact but I will keep yall up to date as often as I can get around to writing a post.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Greatest Month EVER!

As May draws to a close I have checked this months information and to no surprise of mine the month of May in the year 2016 was this blogs greatest month ever! I would like to say two things thank you to the writers who are helping this blog thrive, and thank you to the readers that keep the blog running.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The ePortfolio Showcase

In the Northwest Independent School District, the administration has equipped us with the tool of Google Sites so that we can create an ePortfolio, to get us future ready. These ePortfolios are tedious and complicated to the unprepared student, but we here at Steele AHS pride ourselves in our eportfolio skills. Tomorrow we will be presenting our eportfolios to a collection of parents, principals, and teachers. In this article we will reflect on this process.

Reflecting Through My Portfolio

Hey, guys! I am super excited to finish out this school year with a bang, and the e-portfolios will be a great way to do just that. Prior to this year, I had just about zero experience to be worth putting in an e-portfolio, but now looking back I have grown a lot. After reflecting on my experiences and opportunities over the past few months I am amazed to see how different I am. I have added many Microsoft Office Specialist certifications to my resume along with improved speaking skills (which I needed). Not only that, but I have also worked on some amazing projects and teamed up with awesome students that have changed me forever. Now I am much more social and I am just an overall better worker than I was before. My e-portfolio has given me a chance to see just how powerfully Steele has affected and changed me. With one year coming to a close, I look forward to another three that hold tremendous opportunities. Thanks for listening and bearing with me.

Ryan G Karr

My ePortfolio

As many of you know my ePortfolio went to nationals last year. This year we had "strict" guidelines to follow for ePortfolios. So the first couple of  months I was trying to 'fit-in", but I found that i was not a representation of me and who I am. So I "stuck it to the man" and revamped my old one, adding all of what they wanted into my old one. I feel that now my ePortfolio is better than ever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Hello My Name is ______"

I'll get to that presently, but first . . .

Welcoming new ideas and opinions to your blog can be challenging and tumultuous. Doing this can drastically alter the content of your overall blog and make it something very different from what it previously was. My friend Bergan Connor is taking that leap of faith and giving several new authors a chance to write for this blog.

In answer to your questions my name is Ryan Karr. I am a freshman at Steele Accelerated High School and I am aspiring to be a writer or speaker one day. I am involved in several programs and activities at my school in preparation for the workplace and college. Writing for this blog is an awesome opportunity and I would like to thank Bergan for extending the invitation.

I am currently working on a presentation (maybe even two!) for the Northwest ISD Night of No Limits. This is an awesome speaking opportunity and I will get to share stories from the awesome Career and Technical Education classes at Steele.
Sway Logo
I also get to pioneer a new presentation tool known as Microsoft Sway. This is an amazingly interactive way to share your presentation visuals with your audience via IOS, twitter, or a number of other methods. This tool allows for a lot of interaction and flows smoothly from one place to the next in your visual.

I have been given a few opportunities in the previous month to speak as well. I have been teaching my classmates about blogging and how to use google blogger effectively. A link to that blog can be found below and a link to the YouTube and Google Drive videos of my presentation.

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I am doing presently, I cannot wait to get started blogging about successes, ideas, and opportunities together.

Ryan Karr

Being Accepted...

Since I have not been on to celebrate my successes I thought that this would be a good time to reflect on one of the most important successes thus far, being accepted. No not in a friend group or a school environment, but to somewhere. I have as a Freshman at Steele Accelerated High School, have been accepted to Abilene Christian University's summer honors academy. Not only accepted I also won a two hundred dollar scholarship to help cover the costs of the summer event. This is a huge success for me, but I will have to miss meeting my friends in the iAdvocate program in Northwest Independent School District but I will win both ways. I can't wait until this summer!

Being an NISD iSchool Advocate

Are you interested in applying to be an NISD advocate next year? Current 7-9th grade NISD students are invited to apply:

To find out more about the program, view the 2016 promo video: 
iSchool Advocates Texas– Keller/Northwest ISD from iSchool Initiative on Vimeo.

Monday, May 2, 2016

This Blog Shall Rise Again!

I am deeply apologetic for my delay on adding much needed posts to my blog. I personally blame myself, I have not allowed my self the much needed time to celebrate my victories and get more people involved in adding to the blog. However I am going to be opening up the blog to a few of my friends and allow for input from you the readers to add and improve my blog bellow is a Google Form so that you can add your input...

Syrian Refuge Crisis

Earlier this year in my AP Human Geography Class, during the study of migration and population changes, we were combated with a project to, describe, explain, and examine the Syrian refugee crisis and its global impact. Me and my group produced a Thinglink to meet and exceed the expectations of the project. Bellow Is our final product. Enjoy...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Journalism Class Project

Back in September I mentioned a project over a journalist. I have since then completed it and would like to share it with you.Powered by emaze