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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Hello My Name is ______"

I'll get to that presently, but first . . .

Welcoming new ideas and opinions to your blog can be challenging and tumultuous. Doing this can drastically alter the content of your overall blog and make it something very different from what it previously was. My friend Bergan Connor is taking that leap of faith and giving several new authors a chance to write for this blog.

In answer to your questions my name is Ryan Karr. I am a freshman at Steele Accelerated High School and I am aspiring to be a writer or speaker one day. I am involved in several programs and activities at my school in preparation for the workplace and college. Writing for this blog is an awesome opportunity and I would like to thank Bergan for extending the invitation.

I am currently working on a presentation (maybe even two!) for the Northwest ISD Night of No Limits. This is an awesome speaking opportunity and I will get to share stories from the awesome Career and Technical Education classes at Steele.
Sway Logo
I also get to pioneer a new presentation tool known as Microsoft Sway. This is an amazingly interactive way to share your presentation visuals with your audience via IOS, twitter, or a number of other methods. This tool allows for a lot of interaction and flows smoothly from one place to the next in your visual.

I have been given a few opportunities in the previous month to speak as well. I have been teaching my classmates about blogging and how to use google blogger effectively. A link to that blog can be found below and a link to the YouTube and Google Drive videos of my presentation.

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I am doing presently, I cannot wait to get started blogging about successes, ideas, and opportunities together.

Ryan Karr